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Organisational Psychology

Consulting and Professional Services

Empowering organisations to transform their workforce by maximising the potential of individuals and employees through assessment, development, coaching and well-being practices. Our focus is to provide quality, accessible, convenient, fit-for-purpose and value-adding services and products to a diversity of clients across Africa and worldwide.

You Cannot Teach A Man Anything. You Can Only Help Him Discover It Within Himself. - Galileo Galilei

Our Services

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development empowers organisations with the tools to cultivate and build better leaders for both present and future organisational demands.

At Assessing 4 Success, we facilitate this process by evaluating leadership competency at all levels of the organisation. We then collaborate with our partners to provide customised individual or group development programmes aligning to current and future organisational objectives.

We will advise on the following:

  • Talent and succession planning
  • Retention and leadership development strategies or interventions
  • Developing leadership philosophy, strategy and competency models
  • Design and delivery of leadership programmes/modules
  • Leadership and executive coaching

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity building enhances the abilities of individuals and organisations to identify and overcome development challenges. We provide capacity building through a range of adult learning and coaching interventions.


  • Managing your own performance
  • Customer service excellence
  • Competency-based selection skills
  • Foundation in coaching skills (2-day)
  • Programme in coaching skills (4 days)
  • Managing Behavioural Change in a Thinking Environment™
  • Moving beyond conflict: enhancing relationships in a Thinking Environment™

Coaching Capacity Building and Team Coaching

Coaching Capacity Building and Team Coaching

Our coaching skills programmes empowers individuals to cultivate themselves as their most important coaching tool, and to discover their impact on organisational culture.

Building the capacity to coach within the organisation and adapting a coaching style enhances staff interactions to support and build engaging, thinking, learning, collaborative and high performance cultures, through the following programmes:

  • Programme in coaching skills (4-day workshop)
  • Foundation in coaching skills (2-day workshop)
  • Transforming Meetings into Thinking Environments™ (2-day workshop)


We offer the following additional customised team coaching interventions:

  • Leadership in a Thinking Environment™
  • Emotional Intelligence in a Thinking Environment™
  • Inspiring high performing teams
  • Team building and alignment interventions

Executive and Transformational Coaching

Executive and Transformational Coaching

Our qualified and seasoned coaching associates will facilitate and raise levels of awareness about individuals’ natural talents, skills and value, and help them identify potential areas for improvement that will enhance overall leadership, professional and personal effectiveness.

Typical outcomes include enhanced:

  • intrapersonal understanding and self-awareness;
  • interpersonal effectiveness, relational skills and organisational impact;
  • confidence levels and personal effectiveness;
  • leadership effectiveness;
  • meaning making;
  • perspective and personal change;
  • ability to think well for oneself and innovate;
  • adaptability, appreciation and change agility; and
  • capacity to coach oneself and others.

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment™ Programmes

Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment™ Programmes

“The most important responsibility of any leader is to create an environment where all are encouraged and able to think well for themselves.” – Nancy Kline

In these programmes, individuals and teams learn how to:

  • use the components of a Thinking Environment™ to engage each person fully,
  • encourage respectful, robust discussion leading to decision-making of exceptional quality,
  • generate their finest thinking, and
  • offer ‘beautiful’ uninterrupted and respectful attention.

Assessing 4 Success offers the following accredited programmes:

  • Transforming meetings into Thinking Environments™
  • Leadership in a Thinking Environment™

Organisational Assessment and Development

Organisational Assessment and Development

Assessing 4 Success provides Organisational Development initiatives to clients to assess their current reality, provide recommendations, and facilitate a shift from current state to a desired future state at an organisational, team and/or individual level. Our field specialists provide a broad spectrum of Organisational Development interventions based on each organisation’s needs.

Interventions include:

• Value chain alignment – including customer, performance and structural alignment

• Culture and climate surveys

• Strategic planning and business strategy alignment

• Competency and role profiling



Assessing 4 Success believes that promoting a healthy work environment, work-life balance and employee wellness, results in a more productive, happier and healthier workforce.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a method that truly frees, empowers and transforms clients by combining the best of traditional therapies, understanding how the mind works and unique techniques designed and perfected by Marisa Peer in her 30+ years international experience practicing as a Therapist.

Born from a desire to make therapy easier, with faster and better results for everyone,  RTT has emerged as a distinctive approach that aims to deliver permanent change in a single 90 –minute session.  Although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 sessions, RTT is particularly useful with such issues as insomnia, stopping smoking, most fears and phobias, confidence and self esteem, fertility, weight problems, achieving goals, relationships and even stress and anxiety.

People Assessment and Development Services

People Assessment and Development Services

Using psychometric testing, behavioural assessments and assessment centre methodology, we assess for the following:

  • Staff selection
  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Learning potential
  • Levels of work
  • Identifying new talent
  • Conducting psychometric testing

Our partial and full competency-based assessment services are customised to meet the needs unique to your organisation.

We provide the following additional services:

  • Interviewing and recruitment consulting as an extension of your internal team.
  • Research and/or validation studies and benchmarking of assessment services.
  • Simulation and assessment centre design.
  • Drafting assessment policy and practice guidelines.

Assessment and related learning and development products:

  • Observation skills
  • Feedback in a Thinking Environment™
  • Assessment centre design skills
  • Job analysis and competency profiling
  • Team Leader Leadership Action Learning Centre™
  • Business Unit Leader Leadership Action Learning Centre™

Our pillars

We Serve

We believe in serving and adding value to individuals, teams, organisations, and communities.

We Connect

We believe in the principle of Ubuntu and embrace real connection, interrelationships and humanity


We believe in life-long and continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and innovation.


We believe in incorporating health, wellness and fun into our lives to promote work-life balance.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised and professional service to our clients

We use a highly collaborative approach to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in the most cost- and time-effective methods. We strive to:

• Create an environment of mutual respect, human dignity and non-judgment.
• Create an environment that encourages all to think well for themselves.
• Create an environment that encourages increased real engagement, participation and collaboration.
• Facilitate self-exploration through questions and offering time to think.
• Offer appreciation of others, their ideas and feelings.
• Appreciate and value divergent thinking and diverse group identities.

We are guided by international best practice and comply with relevant labour legislation, regulatory and ethical guidelines of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and Coaching and Mentoring South Africa (COMENSA). Our organisation fully supports and promotes ethical and best practice human resources, assessment, coaching and business principles in order to provide quality outcomes that provide real value to our clients.

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